We cant help everyone, but everyone can help someone.
— Ronald Reagan

Happy Customers

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— actual text message to my phone

I hit my shin on a trailer hitch, we all know how bad that hurts. I was skeptical on CBD oil but had a container of salve from 5 Star medicinal products so I decided to put some on there.  To my surprise not only did it stop hurting, it has NOT hurt again and the swelling went away over night. I am a believer. 

— Randy R


"For real? I woke up in a strangers body this morning! I haven't felt this body in like 4 1/2 years so there is no way it could be really this easy!  Thank you so much! I am hopeful and I haven't been hopeful in a long time. " 

— Monica

I had hurt my left shoulder not sure what I had done and no insurance kept me from the going to the doctor. After several months of it keeping me awake at night I decided to have my wife put some of the CBD salve on it.  Within 20 minutes of  her applying it the pain was gone. I was completely shocked, as I was my wife's biggest skeptic. I then looked at my wife, Tanya and said, "Honey open your store  you have my complete support. "

— William Welsh


I have lived with Fibromyalgia for years and have tried everything with either very little relief or no relief. Tanya told me about the cream and even put some on my neck and shoulders. I couldn't believe it! About 20 mins after she applied it the pain was gone. Thank you Tanya the cream is a lifesaver!

— Tina

I have lung cancer and extreme pain from that. I was also suffering from thrush. My son brought me the tincture and the salve from 5 Star Medicinal Products and explained what they were. After doing some reading on the internet I decided I would try them. I put the salve on my shoulder and back, which hurt all the time and the tincture under my tongue and went to bed. I was able to actually sleep and not be woke up due to pain. When I woke up I was surprised that the blisters in my mouth were almost gone! I ate food and drank something besides sips of water. When I went back to my cancer doctor I showed him what I was using and he even gave me the thumbs up and recommended I continue using them. Since I have started using them the cancer has started shrinking. I am a believer and will forever use CBD products from 5 Star Medicinal Products.

— Suzy